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If you’re a beginner or professional, we supply balls from the industrys best brands, as well as a great selection of bags, totes and rollers, so you can keep all of your equipment in one place, a comfortable selection of men and woman’s footwear and of course any accessory you would need.

Industry Brands We Carry

Apparel & Equipment

One Stop, All You Need

We strive to continuously provide our clients with the best, quality products in the industry, with all the top manufactures like KR Strikeforce, Motiv, Ebonite, Hammer, Brunswick and many others.

Bags & Rollers

Make things easier on yourself, and arrive efficiently. Choose from our single tote bags, single, double or triple roller bags, and 4-Ball or 6-Ball stackables.


From beginners to professionals, we carry only the best brands like Storm, Brunswick, Ebonite, Track, Columbia 300, DV8, Hammer, Motiv, 900 Global, and more.


Bowl comfortably from a great selection of our Men and Women’s shoes, with even more options online we can order from. Children shoes are special order.


A great selection of accessories, including wrist braces, shoe covers, sleeves, thumb tape, rosin or hand conditioner for that little bit of extra grip, and much more.

Assistance & Inspection

Here To Help

Stop on in if you have any questions or need help with any of your equipment. We’re always standing by ready to assist you.


Whether you are new to bowling, or have been playing for many years, our professionals are standing by to help you in any case. We look forward to seeing you.


Having a proper fitted bowling ball is as important as having a bowling ball that fits to your particular style. We’re here to help get you properly fitted for your next game.


Resurfacing the ball restores the sharp edges on the pores of the ball and even deep cleans the pores which enables the ball to grip with more friction, resulting in more hook-ability.


Drilling holes in your bowling ball specifically for your hand is vital. Location of the holes to be drilled in relation to the position of the core is what makes the ball react in different ways.

Coaching & Training

Improve Your Game

We feel, to bowl with the best quality equipment, you should be out there bowling your best, which is why we offer coaching and training for anyone who is wanting to learn how to bowl the proper way.


Learn from an actual bowling professional. Anyone who is looking to up their game, you’ll learn techniques, hand positioning, arm swing, follow through and more.

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